DIY Macro Lens - Photography

You have a camera with a changeable lens and no money for a real macro-lens... well, here is a good photography trick that will make your photos look much better. A simple Do It Yourself macro-lens illustrated article. Written and photographed by Dusko Bojic.


Photographing DIY-Macro...

These are Caridina japonica (Amano shrimp) 1-3 days old larvae (zoeas). It is hard to photograph a millimeter small moving creature. It took me ages before I made a good photo.

When photographing larvae I use direct flash, otherwise the photos are too dark and blurry. In the night time it is good to direct a lamp at the front glass to attract zoeas. When they are closer to the glass, it is easier to photograph them.

You can see the difference in photographing normally and with DIY Macro. First photo is photographed with 55mm lens and the next one with 24mm DIY Macro.

First photo shows how big the actual snail is, while the second photo shows DIY Macro close-up of the same snail. Flash is a must, otherwise the photos will appear blurry.